Employee Bio

Kimberly Wells

I was raised in a considerably large family, a household of eleven which included eight children. In addition to caring for our busy and bustling family, my mother was self-employed and provided in-patient assisted living within our home. Each of us assisted with daily chores and duties, and as I got older I was able to aid in the care of our elderly patients. Unconscious to me at the time, this was my first introduction into healthcare and a realization of the fragility and delicacy of the human body, as it ages and follows a natural regression in health.

As the seventh child of eight, I was fortunate enough to elect hair and nails as my daily contribution. This sparked my initial interest in the beauty industry and the opportunity that exists, even in cosmetic services, to promote health and quality of life.

I continued my education at Northern Kentucky University, where I received a degree in early childhood education. Between semesters, in the Summer of 1991, I went to nail school and obtained my Nail Technician License through the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology. Afterward I immediately began working, learning the school system as well as becoming a self-employed pedicurist and manicurist.

As my client base continued to grow, I have concentrated solely on my business for the past 26 years. My primary focus has always been “health before beauty” and I believe in the ability to sustain health and longevity through proper preventative care. This philosophy has enabled me to offer services for common ailments that would have resulted in surgery or daily discomfort for many clients.

While the beauty industry has been exciting (and so is the variety of work and clients), I am dedicated to continuous learning and am eager to use my skills in a more clinical manner. I found this pediatric assistant program because my career experience has shown me the importance of foot care and the need for it to be a preventative care component from year to year, educating patients on everything from toe nail trimming and shoe sizing to orthotics. With the opportunity to use my existing knowledge as well as recent training and certifications, I am ready become a valued member of a larger team that is passionate about positively impacting the lives of others.